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Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is a tedious, frustrating, and long process. It is also a tricky one which results in unnecessary damage to your walls that’s difficult to repair if done incorrectly by someone without the proper experience.

Our ability to deliver impeccable results is the reason why our customers trust our services.

Our crews use the highest-quality tools available for wallpaper removal, from the simplest scraping and sanding tools to heavy-duty industrial steamers. Thanks to years of professional experience, they will do the job faster and better than any DIY enthusiast.

This service involves all the necessary steps including:

1 - Remove Wallpaper

We remove old wallpaper by gently lifting the paper so we do not damage the walls of your home.

2 - Repair

Repair surface abrasions and other imperfections and smooth the surface with a skim coat and sanding.

3 - Prime

The wall is cleaned and a fresh coat of paint primer is applied.

5 - Paint Walls

If you are choosing a new wall color, the new paint color is applied.

Professional Painting Services

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